Welcome to Unfiltered Conservatism

At Unfiltered Conservatism, we will be writing articles about current political issues no matter how controversial, important, and sensitive they are. Right now we are facing one of the most important Presidential Elections in U.S. history. We support the Conservative/Republican party and we always will. There is no doubt that many of our articles will annoy plenty of people – especially the left – and a lot of debates are bound to break out in the comments section. But by all means, speak your mind because after all, we do have a freedom of speech as made specific in Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada) and in the First Amendment (United States).

For those who wish to submit an article for us to post, please submit it to: Unfilteredconservatism@hotmail.com

The editing process will only check for grammar and spelling mistakes. We will not tamper with your arguments no matter how controversial they may be. Just do not use language that would break any laws (i.e. threats). Also, if you wish to remain anonymous while we publish your article, please state that in the email and we will respect your wishes.

Our team endorses Donald Trump. If you do not support Donald Trump, do not sweat it! You will not be treated unfairly like most of those who lean on the left-wing. You are allowed to believe and support whoever you want as emphasized in the Constitution.


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