By: Anthony Mayfield

Trump actually did it.

The madman won.

For one and a half years now the pundits have mocked, ridiculed, laughed at Donald Trump. All his supporters were inbred, uneducated white trash who knew nothing about the ‘real’ world of high finance, monied politics and the media elite press.

He was running as a joke, as a way to boost his brand. He would never release his financials, never actually do what was necessary to beat seventeen competitors and win the nomination, let alone beat the Democratic machine and win the presidency.

From Washington DC and New York, the media elite poked jokes at his ‘low-class’ accent, they took every opportunity to chop up his words and ridicule him, to make a public mockery of the man they considered a buffoon and an inside joke amongst the posh elite class who never thought a billionaire oligarch could run on an anti-establishment platform and defeat them, could never deliver a blow to the entrenched donor class who had, with the passing of Citizens United, completely purchased the presidency for what they thought was the foreseeable future.

His voters, the down and out mostly white middle and lower classes, who had been stripped of their jobs and who had always been the laughing stock of the pundit class were never supposed to be able to be mobilized again. They, in the eyes of the establishment, were to accept their dispossession and their public humiliation lying down. Bill Maher, John Oliver and Trevor Noah would mock them, laugh at them openly, and there was nothing they could do. Who could they support? The free-trade, Chamber of Commerce Republicans who were happy to, under the leadership of Jeb! Bush, keep the border open and provide amnesty to untold amounts of forever-Democrat voters who had entered their country illegally? The same Republicans who were slaves to their corporate oligarchs, who put in place these same free trade policies that had robbed them blind?

There was no way out. But then there was Trump.

Trump spoke about the real issues. He didn’t talk about transgender washrooms, gay marriage and abortion–he talked about the real issues, the issues that the mainstream, corporate, coastal elites never wanted to broach: immigration, trade and the ability to speak freely and openly. The disaffected silent majority saw in Trump someone who was willing to fight for them, to say what nobody would say out of fear of reprisal from the ever looming and hate-filled media. When Trump spoke about the corruption of the establishment, and the disgusting treachery of the media, they knew he was speaking the truth. When the elites of the New York Times besmirched him ruthlessly, it only reinforced the notion that this was a sick class of people who cared nothing of the truth and would say anything to keep their power. They grew to hate the media, and rightfully so.

The pollsters said it could never happen. The electorate would begrudgingly accept yet another leader from a corrupt dynastic American family. Sick, Crooked Hillary would just have to do, she would accept the money from the hedge funds, the special interests and the lobbyists. She was flawed, as corrupt as could be, but she would carry out their agenda. They would push her as much as they could, and being as omnipotent as they believed themselves to be, they would get her in. They had the celebrities, Hollywood, the media, the money and the sick will to power that only a power hungry elite hellbent on maintaining their status could possess.

But they were wrong. The people mobilized against them. This wasn’t an election, it was a revolution, the second in American history, and just like the first, the American people were victorious. Trump proved that you don’t need endless celebrity endorsements from a Hollywood elite that’s completely detached from the realities of everyday Americans–what you really need is the will of the people. Armed with a Twitter account, wits, solid instincts and a horde of dispossessed but clever and energetic base, he was able to do the impossible, to overcome a rigged system, perpetuated by an entrenched economic and political class which much more closely represented an oligarchy than a democracy. He made world history by proving the the truth DOES matter, and that our ability to openly and articulately discuss the truth is still the most important thing we possess in our societies to this day.

He inspired a worldwide movement whose true power we will only see manifested with time. Through will and determination he staked his place in history. He will be seen as one of the great men of our era.

President Trump.


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